Selling Your House For Top Dollar

Gone are the days of getting a Realtor who just puts a sign out front, a lockbox on your door, and your house in the MLS and 4 days later you’re negotiating multiple offers.  These days you need an agent that’s working hard for you and is actively seeking buyers out.  I don’t feel comfortable giving away my trade secrets on a blog, but I will say that I spend serious money before the sale of the house on marketing and advertising in attempt to find buyers.  The key?  Every house is different and therefore the potential buyers will be too.  Trying to sale a 2 bedroom condo in Oceanside?  The key is to figure out WHO will be buying the house.  Maybe it’s on the first floor and would a great downgrade for empty-nesters.  Maybe it’s near Camp Pendelton and would get great cash flow for a military tenant and therefore would be a great fit for an investor.  Maybe it can also be a starter place for a first time home buyer or a small family.  Knowing the demographic of the buyer is step 1.  Getting your home in front of that demographic is where I come in.  I carry a badge.