Philip Shiffman

“As you are well aware my wife and I just closed on a condominium in San Diego and Steve represented us.

This is to let you know that Steve did a wonderful job in representing us. Specifically, he handled the offer/counter offer phase to our satisfaction, he guided us through the labyrinth of California forms and answered our questions and concerns in a timely fashion.

If all of your sales reps perform as Steve, your firm should do very well.

Yours truly,
Philip J. Shiffman”

William Rickman


We greatly appreciate your excellent service with the Waxwing property. Should you wish to use me as a reference, I would be very happy to do so.


Petersson Walter Paley

“Hey Steve

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate all the work you’ve done, trying to get this thing done.

You’ve kept your head on straight and maintained professionalism… And with this latest wrinkle, you’ve taken care of everything, even though it was my oversight to begin with.

Through it all, you’ve been a great friend… and a great agent.

I’m looking forward to celebrating the close of escrow with you.


Julie Urquhart

March 6, 2009

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing this letter in commendation for Stephen Ploetz, a realtor at the Century 21 Award office in Carlsbad, California. I have recently finalized my first real estate transaction, and he was my realtor. I would like to congratulate you on finding and hiring such an amazing asset to your realty team. He honors the Century 21 name and upholds the high standards that your company has always represented.

Had my real estate transaction been a smooth one, I would still have been impressed with Steve’s professionalism, and client relations. My transaction, however, did not go smoothly, and Steve had to coordinate a completely asinine sale, and yet he did it with ease, and grace. First, we began looking for a home almost a year ago. I dragged him all over North County San Diego. I forced him to take me to look at every dump around; this was due to my budget restrictions and home requirements. Champagne dreams on a beer budget. Steve did this willingly and with good humor. Honestly, some of the places that we went to, on my insistence, should have been condemned. I won’t go into many details, but throughout the process, we were swarmed by bees, Steve was charged by a rabid Chihuahua, we saw a house that literally gave me nightmares, and another one that we were warned by a fellow agent that I “wouldn’t last a week” due to the criminal activity in the neighborhood. He never said no, and dutifully obliged.

After seeing all of these horrors, I was pink-slipped by my school district and could not get a loan, so we had to put the whole affair on hold. Steve still kept in touched and kept looking for houses for me. I feel that many agents would have seen the money pot gone and given up; Steve did not. I was hired back and the search continued. More scary houses. We finally found a home I was interested in and could afford, placed an offer, got accepted, and the day before we were supposed to open escrow the FHA first time buyer loan assistance programs were cancelled. The whole affair was put on hold again, but we kept looking. Steve never acted frustrated with me, or like I was wasting his time. Which is amazing, because I took a lot of his time. I am a high maintenance, pain in the rear client. I call, text and email constantly, I want immediate responses, and I have no spare time, so everything has to revolve around my schedule. I know this was at best an inconvenience, and at worst a reason for Steve to consider homicide. He never showed his frustration. Now I am a middle school teacher, and have a lot of patience, but I would have killed me.

At the end of January, we finally found a house that I liked and could afford. The process got started, and everything seemed like it was going to run its course. Then I get notice that I will be getting pink-slipped again, creating a major time crunch. I needed to get funding and close my loan before I received a pink-slip. This meant I was going to have a less than 30 day escrow, and we were pushing our luck at that. Steve’s quote: “No problem, totally doable!” Luckily Steve had put me in touch with Angela Williams a lender with Prospect Mortgage, and she is also amazing. I won’t go into all the problems that came up during escrow, or the horrible escrow company. I will just say that the seller and the seller chosen escrow company made numerous mistakes, and Steve was willing to do whatever was necessary to correct other’s errors, not his job, but he fixed the problems just the same.

We have finally closed escrow on a home that I adore. Steve will finally be rid of me (or so he thinks), and it only took a year. I do not write this letter of commendation for Steve because I am an easy client, everything went perfectly, and he did a good job. I write this letter because I am a nightmare client, nothing went perfectly, and yet Steve held it together and did a superb job. Any agent can handle a simple real estate transaction, but I genuinely doubt that there are many agents out there that could handle me as a client, or this ridiculous of a transaction. Steve did it without a problem. I have no idea what special awards you give, or bonuses, or promotions, but I do know that Steve Ploetz deserves them all. I will, without hesitation, recommend Steve as an amazing realtor, and truly good person to everyone I know. Your industry would be blessed to have more agents like Steve, and you would be wise to never forget this.


Julie Urquhart
Self-Proclaimed Nightmare Client

Sharon Gephart


It has been a pleasure working with you on the Crystal Ridge transaction. You are a true professional and I look forward to us working together again. It is great to work with an agent that communicates well and has great follow through.


Sharon Gephart
Century 21 Gieseler-Bradford

Adam and Jezel Bow


Thanks for helping us buy our first home. We love our house and we are glad that you were there to guide us through the whole process. Thank you for your time and patience.


Adam and Jezel Bow”

Joe Fegan

“Steve Ploetz is an extremely unique and capable Real Estate agent. I have had involvement in the purchase of six homes and by far he has been the most honest, customer oriented agent that I have been involved with — he earned every cent of his commisssion. His pleasant demur and can do attitude result in complete customer satisfaction. I will go out of my way to recommend his services.”

Eric Gemmell

“Steve was an excellent agent to have for our first home buying experience. He was always easy to reach via email or phone. He made the home buying experience fun.”