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The gem of North San Diego County, the greater Fallbrook/Bonsall area is recognized for its beauty, rarity and multi-faceted personality. Young adults that have grown up here will tell you that these villages, carefully nestled in rolling hills a mere twenty-five minutes from the Pacific Ocean, are more than just towns – they are a way of life, a culture, that emits a sense of community that is held forever in their hearts, a precious keepsake. Comprised of residents who interact and connect on many different levels, like multiple sparkling jewels woven into an intricate design, the area has an unrivaled bounty that provides a high quality of life.

Known far and wide as the ‘Avocado Capitol,’ because of the number of groves maintained here, Fallbrook and Bonsall’s mild Mediterranean climate provides an ideal growing ground for a wide range of crops, from citrus to exotic fruits, ornamental flowers and palm trees. While the avocado can easily be considered the community’s favored mascot, it is the ornamental flower and nursery industry that produces the highest amount of agricultural revenue in our area.

The beautiful rolling hills of Fallbrook and Bonsall frame several quality golf courses, drawing enthusiasts from throughout California and neighboring states. With lodging and meals available, it is the perfect golf getaway for individuals or groups.


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