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La Jolla in Spanish means “The Jewel”. It is the Jewel of America’s finest city, San Diego. La Jolla is located 15 minutes from downtown San Diego. It has wonderful beaches, cultural activities and fine restaurants. La Jolla is an exquisite combination of a southern European resort atmosphere and Southern California fun. While La Jolla is known to be one of the most affluent communities in the United States, it has a down to earth feel due to the beautiful natural scenery and the helpfulness of its residents. Moreover, in addition to fine restaurants, beautiful beaches, hotels and art galleries, La Jolla is home to renowned institutions, such as the Scripps Institution of Oceanography and the Stephen Birch Aquarium & Museum. This is in addition to the University of California, San Diego. Furthermore, La Jolla is home to many Bio-Tech and software companies. In short, La Jolla is a great place to live in, visit, or do business.

La Jolla is a community with a reputation bigger than its geographical size. Popular for its gorgeous oceanfront property, luxurious homes, world class hotels and fine dining, the community prides itself on maintaining a standard of living uncommon in other places throughout Southern California.

La Jolla real estate is some of the most treasured property in the United States. Ever since the railroad made it here before the turn of the century and it was established as a resort town, people have been drawn to La Jolla for its beauty and its class. The homes are all uniquely constructed with careful details like stone driveways, high ceilings, a lot of natural light and picture windows that open onto views of the shoreline. Selling for $1 million an acre, this land is precious and its owners have respected that. Therefore, no property is left imperfect, and few surrender their La Jolla homes willingly.