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Leucadia is located on Coast Highway 101 on the north San Diego County coast. Heading south out of Carlsbad, the signs are everywhere, announcing your arrival to this old-fashioned beach town that ranks as the top beach community on the California coast for surfing. If the large surfboard sign that says, “Welcome to LEUCADIA”, and attached smaller surfboard that states: “A community of Encinitas”, aren’t a clue, keep driving just a block or two. Flagpole banners tell you about it, and a road marker points to the beach…you just have to go there!

Californiabeaches.com declared Leucadia the best old-fashioned beach town in California. The city begins with a grove of eucalyptus trees that line the street where traffic lanes are divided and a train track runs right down the middle of the road. Train passenger service to downtown San Diego goes all day long, but more often you’ll see groups of bicyclist speeding by in their colorful garb along the thoroughfare. Leucadia, like nearby San Diego, is an outdoor mecca. The coastal region’s finest weather in the United States offers many opportunities to stay fit.

Founded in 1885 by British immigrants, Leucadia means “sheltered paradise” and aptly describes this unique area of 6,250 residents. A mix of agriculture (the flower industry thrives here), residential and a few shops make this a highly desirable spot for those seeking a less hectic pace than California’s second largest city, San Diego, with its over 1 million people.  That’s not to say that Leucadians are removed from city life.  Many commute daily to jobs in San Diego which can take half an hour or so to get to.  There is a train which conveniently passes through town and is bound for San Diego and Los Angeles.