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Point Loma is often overlooked by visitors to San Diego. It is the peninsula at the northwest end of the San Diego bay.

Along this piece of land there are mostly residentual areas, but also there is the Cabrillo National Monument, marking the place Juan Rodrigues Cabrillo first landed and discovered what we know as San Diego. This National monument includes the original lighthouse–which didn’t work wll because it was too high and our traditional “marine layer” obscurred it’s light–here you’ll find a film auditorium, a large Park Headquarters offering books, flags and many other souvenirs for purchase.

Outside, the Headquarters there is a broad viewing deck and not only can you see the lay of the bay and surrounding land, information boards which identify the different types of boats, and birds to be seen on the bay. One of these boards even gives names to all the hill and mountian peaks in view. There is an entrance fee which includes parking and can be used for the whole week.

Below the Monument on the west side of the peninsula, a road leads down to the present, working lighthouse and the fascinating tide pools. This is a great place to take kids in the summer–or even winter if you are brave–where they’d have a chance of finding sea life caught in the pools left during low tide.

Shelter Island is at the foot of Point Loma. It is very similar to Harbor Island, as it too was created as a tourist accommodation center, full of hotels and restaurants. The Island Prime, Humphreys, a couple of my favorite reasaurants can be found here. There are lots of others to choose from. I’ll mention that on Shelter Island is a small fishing pier and a boat launch.