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Although Vista was originally deemed a city in 1963, the area in and around it has been occupied for hundreds of years. Originally occupied by the Lusieno Indians, Vista began to prosper with the growth of the San Luis Rey Mission in the early 1800’s. Today the city has grown to over 94,000 residents. With its wonderful climate just a few miles from the coast, growing business strength, award winning schools, it?s easy to understand why the population of Vista has more than doubled in the last 20 years.

Vista provides an incredible combination of a being rural enough that there are still many areas with large lots (many exceeding 4 or 5 acres because of strict zoning) and located close enough to freeways and shopping that a commute into downtown is extremely feasible. While it is located just over 30 miles from downtown San Diego, Vista has over six times the national average number of parks within its city limits.

Real Estate:
Did you know that the City of Vista will give you money to live in Vista?? I have represented clients who have been given a zero-interest loan for down payment that never has to be paid back unless they sell, refinance, or put renters into the property. Vista has recognized the issues of housing market and understands the value of home ownership. As the market has continued to change, there has been a tremendous opportunity to buy excellent Vista property in strong areas at a reduced price. I personally have represented multiple buyers through the Vista area that have purchased homes in the low to mid $300,000’s range and have come out with built-in equity. (Please see “Featured Properties” and click on the “Sold Properties” tab at the top to see some of these) The great thing about Vista is that for so long San Diego has never “penciled-out” from an investors point of view. That is to say that in years past a rental property never cash-flowed; a rental property never made more than it lost. In Vista, however the average rent for a two bedroom apartment is about $1100. As housing prices fall in most areas, the opportunity to make passive income increases throughout the Vista area.

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The Vista Unified School District (VUSD) is home to 18 elementary schools, 6 middle schools, and 6 high schools. In 2002, the City of Vista passed a $140 million construction bond to continue to service its award-winning schools. This bond will build 3 more elementary schools and will upgrade all schools with VUSD. Vista has made a strong commitment to both the arts and sciences with magnet schools specific to each. The average class ratio is 22 students per teacher. Several high schools in the Vista area offer the distinguished International Baccalaureate (IB) program designed to provide college credit classes in high school. The colleges nearby include: California State University at San Marcos (CSUSM), Palomar College, Miracosta College, National University, and the University of Phoneix.

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