Jeffrey Thoma

“It is my privilege to be writing this letter today on behalf of Stephen Ploetz, my realtor and friend, who for the past four and a half months has been assisting me in my search for the perfect home in San Diego. I began the search in mid March amidst a very busy schedule, as I was just finishing up graduating from UCSD and finding a job in the area. It was my first time looking into real state, and prior to meeting, Steve made sure to ask all the right questions for efficient selection of properties to view on our first outing. His professionalism and open attitude made it very easy to describe to him my hopes and fears of purchasing real estate, to which his replies were always honest and sincere. This sincerity is perhaps what has made the difference, having Steve both as a realtor with a business eye and as a friend with a vested interest in his client’s satisfaction. I noticed that at every home we visited, he was intently listening to the comments about what I liked and disliked, constantly revising the requisites for the perfect home for me. Steve’s job was not easy.

However, his job did not end at the mere discovery of the perfect home. After an arduous search, the time had come to write an offer. This is where Steve demonstrated his expertise as a realtor. As a first time home buyer, I had a lot of questions, and Steve answered every one of these questions more than adequately through his organizational
and personal skills. If there was ever a question for which he did not know the answer, or a question that he could not answer with one-hundred percent certainty, his response was, “I will look into it and get back to you.” For this response, Steve always kept his promise, even answering questions that I had forgotten I had asked. Steve was always available by phone for questions and comments and was prompt about getting back to me if he was unavailable. And when the property closed escrow more than a week early, Steve was there to welcome me into my first home and to help me move some of my furniture that same evening. To this day, Steve still follows up with me to ensure that I am confident with my purchase and to offer his services for home improvement.

I would like to commend Steve for his professionalism, affability, sincerity, honesty, and attentiveness to detail; all characteristics that I believe make him a great realtor and a great friend. With one-hundred percent certainty, I can now say that I fully recommend Stephen Ploetz as a hard-working realtor who will help anyone find the perfect home. His critical eye and good knowledge of the market allowed me to find what I feel was a great purchase for me. I feel that he will be able to do the same for anybody. Thank you for taking the time to read this letter, as I hope that you have taken equal pleasure in reading as I have had in writing.

Best Regards,
Jeffrey Thoma”