Paul Kracha

Steve Ploetz and Kathy Fortenberry are excellent Realtors!  As a first-time buyer, I was looking for a high quality home in North County that would fit my modest budget.  They both displayed extreme confidence while maintaining a positive attitude as they showed me home after home.  As we traveled the long journey of finding the right house, I was amazed how knowledgeable they were concerning market trends, reasonable pricing and the competition from numerous other bidders.  After 6 months, I finally decided on a home that was listed under aspecial Fannie May program.  In the current market, MLS properties were switching from “New Listing” to “Contingent” in the same day.  Kathy helped me keep my composure as I was tempted to over-bid just to close the deal.  Once the offer was accepted with her suggested contingencies, Kathy followed up through daily communications between the seller, my lender and escrow to keep things moving. I’m happy to say, escrow closed on time and with the current interest rates, well within my budget.  I would highly recommend Century 21 Realtors, Steve and Kathy as your partner in your own search for the home of your dreams.